Product Care Instructions

To keep beautiful and sparkling all products selled by La Murrina Shop S.r.l.s there are few hints that you should follow:

  • polish the glass and metal parts with a soft cloth.
  • do not spray perfume, hair spray or any other cosmetics directly onto the jewels.
  • do not shower wearing the jewels.
  • do not swim in chlorinated or saltwater red swimming pools wearing jewellery.
  • keep your jewel in a soft cloth of natural fibers


This applies to all fine plated jewellery from all manufactures, as over time these products will remove plating, harden neoprene cords, and dissolve adhesives. If these points are followed, you will have many years of wearing pleasure.

Be aware that these are glass rings and should be treated as such. there is no warranty once this item is in consumer’s possession. However, if treated with care, they should give you many years of wearing enjoyment.

You must tighten both knots on key rings to ensure that they won’t come loose over time.

For each single piece we guarantees the excellent quality and exclusivity of the jewellery and products.



The glass parts are all produced with Murano glass rods. All glass beads are completely handmade by our glass masters and this certificate guarantees their authenticity. Small imperfections or tiny air bubbles only go to highlight the craftsmanship.
The metallic parts, STAINLESS STEEL 316 l and galvanized metal, are all hypoallergenic and produced in Italy, Europe, or PRC, and the manufacturer certifies that they operate in compliance with European Regulation REACH (EC No. 1907/2006) as amended by Regulation 494/2011 of 20/05/2011. As a further guarantee for its valued customers, LA MURRINA SHOP S.R.L.S. makes additional random laboratory tests.
This guarantee depends on the jewels being used correctly and therefore it should be protected from heavy impacts that could break the beads and cause sharp cutting edges. In case of inadvertent breaking of the glass immediately remove the jewel; LA MURRINA SHOP S.R.L.S. cannot be held responsible for the damages that they could cause. This product is not suitable for children.