Payment for Purchases Contracts stipulated through the website may be made through the PayPal and Bcc circuit.
We don’t accept payment methods not mentioned.

In case the Customer proceeds with the purchase of the Products, the financial data will be forwarded to the reference institute. The reference Institute will transmit the encrypted protocol , will guarantee the confidentiality of the information, will immediately check the validity of the datas and immediately charge the overall amount for each Purchasing Contract .
The Seller reserves the right to request at any time any additional information to the Customer (i.e. fixed telephone number). At the same time the Seller has the right to request the Customer the delivery of the copies of the documents proving the ownership of the credit card used for the Purchase. If the Customer fails to send any information or additional documentation requested, the Seller reserves the right to decline the order or recede from the Purchase Contract, communicating this to the Customer at the e-mail address indicated by himself.